Welcome to the City of Hayden, a scenic Northern Idaho community of 13,190 residents, nestled among the timbered and sloping shores of Hayden Lake.   Once known as “Hayden Village”, the City was officially incorporated on June 27, 1955, and began its rich history as an area steeped in Indian folklore, cattle ranching, lumber and farming.  Families from as far away as Spokane traveled frequently along the electric Coeur d’Alene and Spokane Railway to recreate in the Hayden Lake area and enjoy its simple, natural beauty. Today, this growing community still offers a quality of life that allows its citizens to enjoy some of the best outdoor recreation in Idaho coupled with all of the amenities of a larger city.   Residents and visitors alike can stroll along the sandy shores of Honeysuckle Beach, a city-owned and operated park, or enjoy an afternoon of shopping in the City’s downtown business district where Hayden’s locally owned shops and stores give you a sense of the “old Hayden Village.”  The result is nothing less than the best of both worlds.